International Fairs of Racing Pigeons

For exhibitors

Read the Participation Regulations of International Katowice Fair



27th Jan 2006: open between 2.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m.
28th Jan 2006: open between 7.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m.
29th Jan 2006: open between 7.00 a.m. and 2.00 p.m.


9th December 2005


14th-16th December 2005


You are registered as formal participant when you fill in the PARTICIPATION CARD and send it to our office by 9th December 2005.

PDF Participation card


45% of the order price due by 30.09.2005, 55% - 09.12.2005

BANK ACCOUNT: PL 29 1740 0006 0000 3000 0022 6096
quoting :”PIGEON 2006”


Halls and rooms for seminars and individual meetings:

Ms Agnieszka Młynarczyk
phone +48 32 78-99-102
e-mail: a.mlynarczyk@mtk.katowice.pl

Ms Agata Skórska
phone +48 32 78-99-103
e-mail: a.skorska@mtk.katowice.pl


25-26.01.2006 between 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
27.01.2006 up to 1 p.m.


29th January 2006 between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.
and 30th January 2006 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Additional changes in stand arrangement and furnishing are charged upon registration at the Exhibition.

Any changes in development and equipment of the fair stand will be possible on the day of arrival, but require additional costs. In the period between 27-29 Jan 2006 only parking tickets will allow visitors to entry and leave cars on the territory of MTK. Territiry of exhibition is secured by the organizer of Fairs on the basis of terms stipulated in MTK’s Participation Regulations.

General information for exhibitors

1. Ceiling Heights
Hall 1 - 930 cm,
Hall 3 - 490 cm.
Please contact IKF for further details.

2. Floor Loading
Hall 1 3000 kg per m2
Hall 3 1500 kg per m2
Point loading is not allowed; stress must always be distributed.

3. Access
3.1. Exhibitor: Exhibitor badges allow exhibitors and their personnel access to the exhibition centre.
3.2. Contractors: Work passes (which are not valid during the exhibition opening time) will be issued by IKF to all personnel involved in the set-up and dismantling of your stand. To receive these passes you need to present upon arrival to the IKF Management Office a letter asking for these work passes and listing the names of set-up staff (for international exhibitors the nationalities and passport numbers are also required).
These passes must be worn at all times. The security guards have strict orders to refuse entry to any personnel not showing the correct pass. In your own interest your co-operation is requested in helping to maintain security.

II. Your Stand
Stand construction
The following stand constructors are already licensed to build stands at IKF:
: Probudex (tel. 012-4156935, 0602214255).

If a stand constructor of your stand is different from the ones listed above, the Exhibitor or his Stand Constructor are obliged to buy one-time license from the Organizer. The license fee is 4.50 EUR per 1m2 of the stand.

1. Space Only Sites - indoor and outdoor
The Exhibitor is obliged to order a connection from the Organizer. The Exhibitor can build up his own stand only after presenting the Organizer with an architectural design of the stand including size, wall height, material and an electrical design of the stand showing consumption points, specifying power and kind of light, for approval (at least 6 weeks before the mantling time)
In the case of double decker stands the Exhibitor has to present the Organizer with full technical documentation including engineering calculations of the stand. The documentation should be signed by people possessing certificates to design building constructions and include contact details to a company making the construction.
There is a surcharge on the space occupied by Double Decker Stand constructions. If this has not been booked already through the space application form it must be paid in full before the start of the exhibition. Double Decker stands must be fitted with fire extinguishers.
Materials used should be in compliance with the building law and with other rules and norms valid in Poland.
Before erecting your stand or placing your outdoor exhibits the IKF on-site office must be contacted to ensure that the correct space will be occupied. If a stand is built in the wrong space and IKF has not been contacted before, you will be obliged to dismantle your stand at your expense and build it up again in the correct space.
Construction may not be lower than 250 cm. The reverse side of your walls has to be made good if it overlaps the height of those of neighbouring stands (2.5m height). No part of the structure may extend beyond the boundaries of the site allocated.
At the end of the exhibition, exhibitors and stand builders have to completely remove any walls, carpet, sticky tape from floor, paint etc by the end of the dismantling period. If this is not done the space will be cleaned or repaired and charged to the exhibitor.
The Exhibitor/Sub-Exhibitor is financially responsible for all kinds of damages which occurred during the exhibitions, mantling and dismantling time.
The Organizer has got a right to stop mantling or dismantling works or put financial burden on the Stand Constructor (Exhibitor or his Contractor) in the case when he does not obey rules and regulations included in the herein Technical Manual.
The Exhibitor is obliged to obey Safety, Security and Fire Regulations. Fire Certificates issued by the producer(s) of stand materials used confirming that these materials are non- flammable or fire resistant/flameproof must be available on site for presentation upon request in Polish.

2. Equipped, Shell-Scheme or Modular Stands - built by IKF
Standard equipped stand is prepared on the basis of layout prepared by the exhibitor showing exact placing of each element of additional equipment and consumption points.
Standard stands will be built using:
- the Octanorm system walls
- fascia panel with name of your company
- the floor with grey fitted carpeting
- one electrical socket (230V)
- 1 spot light per full 2m2 of space
- 1 coat hanger and a waste paper basket.
No financial credit can be given for items included in these packages but not utilized.
The Exhibitor is obliged to return stand elements and additional equipment intact. The Exhibitor is financially responsible for all damages to stand elements or additional equipment. According to the organizer’s price list.

3. General - for all stands
3.1. Location: Columns, pillars, fire points and/or utility connection points may not always be conveniently located with regards to the stands allocated. This may result in longer lengths of cables and pipes being visible, possibly across your stand.
3.2. Exhibits: Please follow the information about the maximum permitted load on floors in the Venue. Exhibitors who will not only have an information stand, but will bring machinery or other larger exhibits are asked to complete the enclosed List of Exhibits.
3.3. Sub-Exhibitors/Stand Sharers: It is important to note that ‘Sharers’ are permitted, but must adhere to the general Rules & Regulations of participation and therefore must pay a certain nominal fee in order to cover the compulsory charges for Registration and Catalogue entry.
Please ensure that this information is provided well before the event.
3.4. Fire Extinguishers: Any exhibitors who require special extinguishers or fire fighting equipment owing to the nature of their exhibits, should make their own arrangements to provide such items. Any exhibitors particularly concerned about the flammable nature of their exhibits are strongly advised to bring their own fire extinguishers.
3.5. Noise Levels: In the event of any excess noise levels from exhibitors’ promotional videos or other activities, IKF reserve the right to close down any noise source if verbal warnings have been ignored.
3.6. All mantling works carried out with mechanical tools should have dust absorbers.
3.7. The Organizer has the right to stop all assembling processes in case materials used to set-up the booth are not harmonious with these described in the project.
3.8. Banners, Flags, Balloons: No suspension may be made from the ceiling of the exhibition hall nor may be made to the floor, walls or any other part of the building without the written approval of the IKF Management. Please refer to the IKF Marketing Manual for sponsorship opportunities.
3.9. Deadlines on-site: All stands must be ready for inspection by 22.00 hrs on the last day of build-up. Therefore it is essential that you will be present on your stand before 22:00 of the last day of build-up at the latest to ensure that your stand is completely equipped and decorated by that time.
The dismantling works are allowed only after 17:00 on the last day of the exhibition.

III. Services

1. Cleaning and Refuse
General cleaning of the aisles will be carried out every morning prior to opening as well as the removal of small amounts of refuse, provided they are placed in plastic bags or cartons in front of the stand in the evening. Individual cleaning of stand space is the responsibility of each exhibiting company.

2. Security

The Pavilions will be locked at 22.00 hrs but during the exhibition usually no later than half an hour after closure of the exhibition. (Exceptions will be made if prior consent has been given by IKF Management). Request has to be submitted in a written form not less than 24 hours before the planned prolongation of working hours.
The doors will be unlocked at 08.00 hrs during build up and dismantling and at 9:30 hrs during the exhibition.
Exhibitors are responsible for ensuring their stand is manned when the doors are opened. Your property is more vulnerable to damage or theft once the hall is open, thus you must ensure a member of staff or security is guarding. IKF does not take responsibility for the loss or damage of exhibits.
For individual security for your stand during the opening hours and/or overnight, please send your requirements to IKF for information and quotation. Any security personnel of your own are not allowed to stay in the pavilion overnight.
IKF does not provide transport or storage services for any goods. Please contact the official forwarding agent (contact details on the form: List of Exhibits).

3. Car Parking
Car Parking Passes that allow parking next to the exhibition can be ordered on Form E.

4. Electricity
Electrical services must be ordered using Form B1. Please choose the correct capacity you need on this form. Exhibitors with space only sites need to order a fused switch box and cabling to the main supplies, if they do not provide their own.
Plug sockets and/or lights are not included in the electrical supply but can be ordered separately using Form B.
In certain modular and other packages, plug sockets and lights may be included. Please refer to your space application form and the stand layout for this information.

5. Water and Drainage
Please place your order for a water connection on Form B1. Items such as sinks have to be ordered on Form B.

6. Telephones, Faxes, Internet etc.
You can order a telephone with an international line for your stand using Form B1. Please note that a deposit for calls will need to be paid in advance. Any overpaid amounts will be credited after the show.

7. Fascia Panel / Graphic Works
A first fascia with company name is included in the equipped package. If you require more fascia please order and indicate name to be shown on your fascia panel on Form C.
You can also order your company logo or additional graphics at an extra charge.
Exhibitors with space only sites have to contact their stand builder to order their fascia panel or other graphic works.

8. Forms & Summary Order Form
Please fill in all forms by typing or writing in BLOCK CAPITAL LETTERS.
The Summary Order form must be returned together with the other order forms completely filled in and signed. Without accompanying completed Summary Order Form your orders cannot be processed. On the basis of Summary Order Form an invoice will be issued.
Please tick the yes/no boxes under "Form returned" in the Summary Order Form to avoid confusion about missing order forms.
The deadline to return all forms is shown on page 1 Dates and Deadlines.

9. Payment
All service requirements are payable in advance in EUR. Confirmation of payment must be sent to IKF together with Summary Order and other forms.

Please settle the payment on IKF account:

  • DZ Bank Polska S.A.
    PL29 1740 0006 0000 3000 0022 6096

10. Late and/or On-site Orders
Additional orders received during setting-up the booths are charged according to IKF price list.

11. Personal Data Protection
IKF Exhibitions informs that personal data included in the forms will be entered into the database exclusively for the use of making these orders. Exhibitors have the right to access data and correct or delete their entry at any time from our database. This will be done after receiving a written request from the exhibitor.

12. Conflicts and Claims
Any agreement within the context of the exhibition will be governed in accordance with Polish law. All issues, which have not been covered in this document, are subject to the Polish Civil Code. All unresolved issues or conflicts would be dealt with through a district court in Katowice

Fair organizers:
Miedzynarodowe Targi Katowickie Sp. z o.o.
ul. Bytkowska 1B, PL 40-955 Katowice
tel: +48 32 7899100, fax: +48 32 2540227